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Cardio-log presents the major clinical trials and meta-analyzes, and the synthesis of the French, European and North American recommendations in cardiology.

  • A bilingual tool to help prescribing, it demonstrates the benefit and justifies the use of a given molecule facing any clinical case, in accordance with evidence-based medicine (EBM).
  • It helps to understand the construction and development of recommendations issued by the Learned Societies, analyzed over 30 years by Professor Robert Haïat and Dr. Gerard Leroy.

This analysis is instantly accessible thanks to its real-time search engine.

The scientific, technical and educational innovation offered by cardio-log is used throughout the medical community: specialists, general practitioners and students.

Sharingthe best cardiological practices

Given the continuous flow of information made available for the medical practices, a complete and easy to use tool is critical, integrating essential data, updated and validated by recognized experts.

Our goal is the sharing of information on the best cardiological practices, as they result from Major Clinical Trials, studies, meta-analyzes and recommendations of the European or American Learned Societies.

The vertical analysis of the major references is completed by a transversal approach which compares, synthesizes and prioritizes skills by focusing on two areas: how recommendations are set and which criteria make them evolve.

Cardio-log allows to access complex, difficult to gather data. Its powerful asynchronous search engine provides instant and relevant results to your queries.

Three modes of consultation are available:

  • A search by keywords: alone or in combination, the words crawl the full text of articles;
  • A search by pathologies including pre-defined menus, similar to a conventional summary;
  • A search by medications whose menu juxtaposes the French trade names and the according constituent molecules.

You will get a list of clickable answers, sorted by relevance in real time, which allows the simultaneous opening of multiple articles.

Should you wish to filter these results, use the advanced search area to narrow your search to the Recommendations, to a single other intention, to a single class of drugs, and so on.

TransparencyAn independent editorial board

Cardio-log’s editorial management team is autonomous in order to guarantee independent scientific data to health professionals.

Commitment to transparency

Cardio-log allows its users to consult a scientific editorial collection edited by Éditions Frison-Roche, the exclusive holder of the digital distribution rights to this collection.

  • The articles on this website are published by Éditions Frison-Roche’s autonomous editorial management team, which is totally independent of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Published analyzes contain no trade name but refer to the molecules concerned. The medication search menu contains the trade names of the medications which are referenced, but only the scientific names of the according constituent molecules are searched into cardio-log.
  • Keywords, molecules, drug classes, intentions, SEC recommendations: all metadata are displayed within the search results.
  • In order to highlight the statistical significance of the analyzed results, the relative risk (p) is specified.

The expertsA recognized college, numerous awards

Cardio-log offers, from more than 3,000 references constantly updated, a summary of the major clinical trials, their meta-analyzes and the main recommendations issued by international Societies of Cardiology.

Under the patronage of the Clinical and Therapeutic Pharmacology Task Force of the Société Française de Cardiologie, two hospital practitioners are at the head of its Editorial Board:

  • Robert Haïat is Associate Professor at the College of Medicine of Paris Hospitals.
  • Gérard Leroy is Chief of Cardiology at the Saint-Germain-en-Laye hospital.

Together, they have analyzed the major clinical trials in cardiovascular therapy for the past thirty years.

Authors of many books in this field, they have been recipients on three occasions (1996, 2001 and 2005) of the Prix Jean di Mattéo, awarded by the French National Academy of Medicine.